Bram Van Velde, Galerie Maeght

Bram van Velde (Dutch, 1895–1981) is known for his lively, abstracted paintings, featuring expressive shapes and forms, drawing on the aesthetics of French Lyrical Abstraction. Van Velde was born in Holland, where his family was impoverished while he was a child, an experience that would affect him for the rest of his life. His family moved several times, finally settling in the Hague, where van Velde apprenticed with a painting and interior decorating company, and copied the works of Old Master painters. The owners of the company became van Velde’s patrons, enabling him to travel throughout Europe, where he was exposed to the work of Expressionist painters, prompting a complete breakthrough in his painting.

Year: 1980

Dimensions: 89 x 54 cm

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster on paper