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Raymond Savignac

Raymond Savignac (1907 – 2002), often referred to as "the man who makes the walls smile and the paper thinks", is a genuine legend in the world of advertising.

For over fifty years, he has graced France's walls with more than 600 posters, featuring iconic brands like Monsavon, Gitannes cigarettes, SNCF, BIC pens, Air France, Citroën, Maggi, Cinzano, Michelin, and Dunlop.

His career trajectory is remarkable – from a draftsman at the Compagnie des Transports Parisiens to working with Robert Lortac and then apprenticing under Cassandre at the Alliance Graphique. His breakthrough moment came in 1949 with his Monsavon milk soap poster, featuring a cow producing soap directly from her udders.

Savignac's artistry is a blend of humor, optimism, and simplicity. His designs are engaging and clear, with no room for unnecessary details. Notable examples include his work for Frigeco refrigerators and Eutectic glues.

Over the years, Savignac's work has became synonymous with brands like Cinzano, Air France, Maggi, and BIC. Savignac once said, "The poster reader must understand it in a fraction of a second". This philosophy is reflected in his ability to convey a brand's message through simplistic yet powerful imagery.

Decorated with prestigious awards, such as the Officer of the Legion of Honour and Officer of the Arts and Letters, Savignac's influence spans the globe. His work is a testament to his authentic creativity, humor, and impact on French poster art.