Boris Bucan

boris bucanBoris Bucan is a Croatian artist and graphic designer. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb, the Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana and the Academy of Plastic Arts in Zagreb, graduating in painting in 1972. Bućan belongs to the New Art Practice generation of artists who took an interest in combining visual art with newly available technologies such as photography, Polaroids, photocopies, film, video and graphic design.

Bucan first came to prominence in Zagreb in the late 1960s through his public interventions. These consisted, for instance, of painting the pavement of a street in central Zagreb bright blue or placing a brightly coloured image, reminiscent of pop art’s flat imagery and strong palette, in the courtyard of a Zagreb gallery.

Between 1980 and 1982 he created a famous large-sized poster series recognized for their picturesque quality for HNK (Croatian National Theatre) in Split, and for the concert program of Radio-televizija Zagreb (Radio-Television Zagreb). After the series was exhibited at the 1984 Venice Biennial, Bucan earned international fame.