The Poster King Story

Poster King story

All it took was a trip to Paris in the 1990s by Sam Johnson (The Poster King) for him to become immediately entranced by the rich and nostalgic designs of vintage posters. Quickly seeing an opportunity, Sam set up his own poster shop in Melbourne with the aim of showcasing only the best-designed advertising posters from the mid-20th century that have their own unique style and bold colours.

Since opening our doors Vintage Posters Only have stocked just that: vintage posters. Out extensive and exclusive catalogue is pooled from multiple industries including fashion, food, and film. Unlike other “vintage” poster galleries all of our prints are from the original print run, guaranteeing the poster you purchase is authentic to the period and is a part of graphic design history. In fact, many of our vibrant and beautiful were hung in subways, buildings, and kiosks across European cities like Paris and Zagreb.

At Vintage Posters Only we respect the craft and the artform. Many of our exceptional posters have been designed by renowned artists, with names such as Savignac, Villemot, and Cappiello repeating throughout our collection.

Perfect for your home or your office, the historical prints on offer from Vintage Posters Only will immediately add class and character to your environment.