Bernard Villemot

Bernard Villemot (1911 -1989) was the son of the well-known cartoonist and humorist Jean Villemot, and a close friend of Rymond Savignac. Having produced eye-catching posters for a variety of clients including government and political bodies during the Second World War Villemot developed an instantly-recognisable and appealing style.

After the war Villemot continued to develop his creative style, working for such internationally-renowned companies as Air France, Perrier, Orangina, and Bally. His works for each of these brands have their own visual style, incorporating a vibrant colour palette and cheerful imagery. His works strive to be art on their own merits with the advertising copy being greatly reduced, placing maximum focus on the rich imagery contained on the poster.

Villmot’s range, unique style, and innovative approach to advertising design has seen him win every award in his field. During a career spanning three decades his work has been recognised outside of the advertising sphere with retrospective exhibitions in 1966 at the Musee de Arts Decoratifs, and again in 1981 at the Biblioteheque, both in Paris.