"Come try Gardening - Life. Be in it." Campaign Poster by Alex Stitt

Life. Be in it. started as an Australian government program and advertising campaign encouraging people to be more active and participate in recreational sports or other physical activities.

The program began in 1975 with the Victorian state government, the brainchild of Brian Dixon, former Australian rules footballer and then Minister for Youth, Sport and Recreation.

The television advertisements for the program are cartoons featuring people doing a wide range of activities, with a catchy tune "Be in it today, live more of your life". The main character is Norm, a middle-aged man with a prominent beer belly, meant to represent a "normal" Australian bloke. The idea for Norm and the advertising came from Phillip Adams and Alex Stitt; Stitt drew all the cartoons.

Year: 1975

Dimensions: 50 x 30 cm

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster, condition as shown 

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