Alberto Giacometti, Galerie Maeght


  • Alberto Giacometti, Galerie Maeght
  • Alberto Giacometti, Galerie Maeght

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Alberto Giacometti created a varied body of sculptures, paintings, and drawings, but he is best known for his sculptures of tall, thin, and rigid women and men often mounted on large bases. In the destructive wake of World War II, these figures--skeletal, seemingly anonymous and isolated--were embraced as powerful metaphors of the human condition. The Surrealists championed Giacometti's sculpture and he eventually joined the group, producing increasingly somber objects representing Surrealist themes. In addition to sculpting in plaster, Giacometti experimented with glass, wood and string. 

Year: 1979

Dimensions: 160cm x 120cm 

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster, unbacked

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