Monory, Galerie Maeght by Jacques Monory

Jacques Monory is a French painter, born in 1934.Monory was one of the main representatives of the “Narrative Firugation” of the 60s which opposed abstract painting, geometric, kinetic or informal and New Realist Art. It was when working with Art editor Robert Delpire that Monory discovered the photo technique and became aware of the power of picture communication. 

His paintings often suggested heavy and menacing atmospheres. The themes derived from modern civilization. In 1981, The Galerie Maeght exhibited his works in Paris. This was the poster produced for his exhibition. 

The Galerie Maeght is a gallery of modern art in Paris that displays primarily French and Spanish artworks.


Dimensions:160cm x 120cm 

Materials/Media: Original lithographic poster, linen backed